Kathleen Maroney, the founder of Luna Vinyasa Yoga is also the creator of the concept On Your Mats for Cats™.  Her vision was to create community awareness of local cat rescue as well as awareness of the endangerment of wild cats in Africa.   Luna's On Your Mat  for Cats™ Yoga classes are donation based and proceeds will go to several cat charities including Forgotten Felines, Cat Tales, and The Roar Foundation Shambala Preserve.

As well as classes, the purchase of On Your Mats for Cats™ T-shirts and products will help to save the lives of cats in Connecticut and help to preserve the species of endangered wild cats in Africa.

A lover and collector of all things leopard, Kathleen has been called the Leopard Yoga Lady by her friends.

She has rescued many amazing cats over the years. For more info check out our facebook page! Below are some of her favorites.